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Throughout his successful career in radio, television, publishing, and online media, Glenn Beck has established himself as a leading voice of conservative America. 

Beck has received numerous prestigious awards for his work, like the NAB Marconi Radio Award and Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech. 

At the helm of TheBlaze, Beck has been a trailblazer, leading the company to great success. 

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Glenn Beck founded TheBlaze in 2012 as an alternative to mainstream media outlets.  Since its inception, TheBlaze has grown to become one of the largest conservative media companies in the U.S., reaching an audience of millions each day. Sign up today to get instant, unlimited access to TheBlaze’s hard-hitting content.

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"I have been listening to Glenn Beck and his sidekicks now for 13 years. Before then, I had no interest in politics, The Constitution, and I didn't give much thought to what my principles even were. Since then, I have formed my own opinion, I know what my principles are and I am happy to say that Glenn Beck has yet to disappoint me with his opinions. Also, the morning show cracks me up!"

 -Karla S.

What others are saying about the first conservative online video network

"Glenn Beck is the very best in my humble opinion. I value his programs, he's taught me so much. Thank you Glenn for all you do, for being honest and truthful. No one is perfect, but I'd say Glenn Beck has been a pretty good match for me."

-Karen W.


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